It turns out that all the constants, when seen as pieces of a large puzzle, originate from a Singularity, which represents by the dimensionless number 1.  This is not the same singularity as described by Big Bang theory, but more like the Singularity described by ancient religions.  The Singularity is a concept beyond conception.  It represents a state where there are no dualities, no space, no time, and no matter.  And yet, the Singularity is complete and whole.  The understanding of the Singularity is taught in the Heart Sutra of Buddhism as Gate, Gate, Paragate, Para Sam gate Bodhi svaha; meaning, “beyond the beyond the beyond and beyond that.”  It is beyond dualistic conception.

From this Singularity came two splits.  There is the duality of Gforce and resonating dark matter (prana), and the duality of magnetic and electric charge.

Gforce and Dark Matter from Singularity

Two types of charges from Singularity

Mass of the Aether

(Quantum Aether Mass – reciprocal to physical mass)

Mass associated with Aether

Elementary Charge

(Elementary Charge)

Elementary Charge

Compton Wavelength

(Quantum Length, also Compton Wavelength)

Compton Wavelength also Quantum Length

Aether charge

(Aether Magnetic Charge – reciprocal to e)

Aether Charge

Quantum Frequency

(Quantum Frequency – reciprocal time)

Quantum Frequency

Aether fine structure

(Aether Fine Structure)

[note: a note]

Aether fine structure


(Reciprocal Force)

Gforce value



Gforce is equal to Gforce value.  It is a reciprocal force.  A reciprocal force is not the physical force we are familiar with; it is a non-material force more resembling the force of Will.  As humans, we experience will as the initiative preceding an action.  We decide to do something and depending on the strength of our will, we manifest the action.  We derive this ability from a greater Will.  The entire Universe is brought into being by this greater Will.  As we will soon see, the Will manifests the physical forces and the space that all physical existence resides in.

Mass times length is a string of mass, or primordial prana

Frequency squared or resonance is frequency squared, or resonance

Dark matter is resonating strings of mass existing outside of the fabric of space-time.  They are like the sperm of physical existence waiting to fertilize the egg of the Aether and thus produce visible matter.

The Singularity also split into the magnetic charge (Magnetic charge) and electric charge (Electric Charge).  These two charges are reciprocal to each other and have different geometries (eight pia). [Note: adoes not equal alpha; The Aether fine structure does not equal the electron fine structure.]  Furthermore, the magnetic charge manifests at different scales of existence as the strong nuclear force, permanent magnetism, and Van der Waals force; the electric charge manifests as the electric force. The different geometries of these charges separate them like a stick holding apart two halves of a clam shell.  The magnetic and electric charges are orthogonal and continually seek to neutralize each other, which gives rise to the weak interaction.

Aether unit from Gforce

When Gforce acts on magnetic charge, it produces a quantum unit of Aether.  The Aether unit is a quantum rotating magnetic field.  The Gforce maintains this rotating magnetic field indefinitely if the surrounding Aether density is not too great.  When the Aether density exceeds a threshold, it collapses like a burst bubble.

The Aether unit has five spatial-temporal dimensions consisting of three dimensions of length (space) and two dimensions of frequency (resonance).  The volume of all Aether units also possesses this five-dimensional spatial-temporal structure.

Aether unit as Coulomb's constant

Coulomb's constant broken down to other constants

The Aether unit gives us Coulomb’s constant.  Coulomb’s constant composes of four other physical constants, the speed of light, the conductance constant, the permeability constant, and the permittivity constant.  The conductance constant partially explains what occurs in non-locality.  The backward time dimension that exists within Aether, but which is absent in physical matter, provides another part of the explanation for non-locality.

When the Aether unit absorbs a quantity of dark matter (string of mass), the combination of the two becomes a subatomic particle.  Taking the case of the electron, which has angular momentum equal to Planck’s constant (h), we can see a similar structure to the primordial prana:

Planck's constant

The electron is its angular momentum.  Since this Aether unit encapsulates this string of mass, the Aether imparts to it electrostatic and magnetic charges and a generally fixed geometry, thus making the dark matter become visible matter.  The same process produces the proton.

The quantity of mass in the electron and proton are strictly determined by their positions within the Aether unit.

The quantum of strong charge of the electron and proton is proportional to their masses as determined by the conductance of the Aether and the angular momentum of the particle.

Strong charge of electron

Strong Charge of Proton

The Gforce gives rise to the force constants.  When the Gforce acts on the strong charge of the Aether it gives rise to the magnetic constant, which is the Aether unit.  When the Aether unit divides by its geometrical constant to give spherical angle of 1, the Gforce relates to the electric constant (a.k.a. Coulomb’s constant).  When the Gforce acts upon the mass associated with the Aether, it provides the Newton gravitational constant:

Newton Gravitational Constant

The weak interaction is the geometrical conversion constant separating the two types of charges.

All the fundamental forces unify through the great Will of the Universe, the Gforce.


Aether is the non-material space in which physical matter resides.  The Aether has a reciprocal relationship to matter.  Just as time is reciprocal to frequency and represents different but related temporal units, and Gforce is reciprocal to physical force and represents different but related force units, Aether has a reciprocal relationship to mass and represents different but related forms of existence.

That is to say, a volume of matter occupies the same volume of space.  The matter cannot exist without the space, and the space is meaningless unless it contains matter.

When analyzing the geometries of quantum matter and Aether, we find they share a common interface in the unit of conductance.  Conductance is what connects matter to the space it occupies.

The unit of conductance is widely used (although not exclusively) in lie detector equipment.  Conductance is a unit, which directly measures feeling.  When a person is asked a question, and the question invokes a feeling, that feeling registers as a change in conductance.

If conductance is at the boundary of matter and Aether, and a change in conductance registers as a change of feeling, then there is the possibility that Aether not only provides the structure of space, but also the substance of mind, because feelings are experienced within the domain of the mind as well as the domain of the body’s matter.

And it follows that if the matter of the human body interfaces with Aether through feeling, then all matter within the Universe has feeling.

We must be careful in interpreting this last statement.  The word feeling has many usages, but it is here meant as a connection between a mind and a physical object.  An emotion is a feeling about a feeling, and so it would require a complex being capable of thinking processes to have emotions.

An example of an inanimate object possessing the property of conductance as feeling would be a piece of art, such as the Mona Lisa.  The Mona Lisa is different colored paint arranged in a particular geometry.  The proportions and effects of the Mona Lisa evokes feeling in the observer because of what it is, just as much as the observer chooses to have its feelings evoked.  We know part of the feeling must reside in the painting because it is only the painting that gives us the feeling associated with the Mona Lisa.

All objects throughout the Universe, as well as the space those objects occupy, possesses the property of conductance, and thus feeling.  Planets have predominant feelings associated with them.  Houses have predominant feelings associated with them.  Cars, animals, trees, insects, rocks, weather, and anything made of electrons and protons have feelings associated with them.

Further, space acts as repository for feeling.  It is like a computer memory chip, which acts as a repository for information.  And not only does space store feeling, it also transmits feeling.  But unlike physical radiation, the transmission of feeling is not limited to the inverse square laws.  And for the same reason it is not limited to inverse square laws, feeling is also not limited by time.  Feeling can be recalled and foreseen, which we experience in our mind as memory and foresight.

The ability to focus on another person’s feelings across distance and time is real and part of the physics of this Universe.  The ability to listen to the feelings in rocks, places, animals, and plants is real.  The reason such abilities have not been observed in laboratories, is because the scientists were looking for radiation-based force as carriers of the information.

The correct physics requires a whole new perspective involving the study of conductance as the boundary between matter and mind.

Non-locality of Photons

The Aether Physics Model shows there are actually five spatial-temporal dimensions, and not four as used by mainstream science, today.  As far as physical matter goes, the four-dimensional perspective of space-time is all that is needed.  But when it comes to understanding the physics related to photons, it is necessary to understand the five-dimensional spatial-temporal framework, because that is the framework used by photons.

Photons not only travel with the appearance of forward time, but also with the appearance of backward time.  Not only do photons travel simultaneously in forward and backward time directions, they also remain connected to their source until they are absorbed by their targets.  And to add another level of complexity, photons expand outwards like twisted bubbles as angular momentum among Aether units.

Therefore, when a light source emits a photon, and the photon is arriving at an intended target, it is also arriving at numerous other targets simultaneously.  An action performed on the photon at one location will therefore affect the photon at every other location, because it is the same photon.

Mainstream science has a very cloudy perception of photons.  On the one hand, photons are said to be the quantum of light, and on the other these quanta are said to be “packets” of energy.  It is not known in mainstream science whether a photon is a particle or a wave.  Mainstream science has to continually invent weirder and weirder theories to explain observations, such as tunneling, wave-particle duality, probability functions, force particles, and mass-energy equivalence.

In the Aether Physics Model, the electron is its angular momentum.  This means electrons (and protons) are not actual physical particles; they are quasi-particles.  When the electron converts to a photon via the photoelectric effect, the angular momentum of the electron suddenly explodes outward as a tubular ring and at the speed of light.

Photon as Planck

Light unit

When a series of photons are emitted at a given frequency, then light is produced.

And so at a given target, where the light is measured, there are numerous quantum photons striking the target at a given frequency.  When the light strikes the target, the photons lose their velocity and manifest energy.

Energy unit

This is the so-called “energy packet.”  The energy packet is not a photon, but rather a packet of a bunch of photon pieces.  The photon pieces are determined by the size of the area absorbing the photons.  The remainder of each photon is spread out over the rest of the radius from the source.

Now this is very important.  Since it is possible to manipulate (modulate) a photon at one location and have it simultaneously change at other locations, it means we can do the same thing with light from distant stars.  Furthermore, light from distant stars interacting with other worlds can provide information to us about those other worlds.  This is presently referred to as “tunneling.”  By properly understanding the five-dimensional physics of photons, we should be able to tune into this modulated light and observe distant planets with much higher resolution than our best optical telescopes could ever hope to achieve.

And since photons are traveling in both forward and backward time, a properly tuned receiver should be able to tune into time just as easily as tuning into space.  Thus we could visually observe events which have happened in the past, and possibly observe the future.  Such a device would allow us to tune into the vibrations of the Aether (photons) and access the Akashic Record, the record of all light.