The Golden Ratio seems to be appearing in several places in the Aether Physics Model.  This page highlights the equations where Phi and phi appear.

g factors

The electron and proton g factors can be expressed in terms of Phi and phi...

Particle Gap Number

The ratio between the mass of the electron and mass of the proton is the particle gap number and can be expressed in terms of Phi...


It appears that the Golden Ratio, or Phi, is a constant produced by time.  It is closely related to p, the spherical constant.  The Physics of Time page covers some of the concepts.   


Powers of Phi and Fibonacci Sequence

This interesting observation is not specific to the Aether Physics Model, but I thought it was novel enough to post it here.  The Phi values in the left column can be expressed in terms of the Phi values in the top row.  For example, Phi4 is expressed in terms of Phi2 as:

Phi4 = Phi2(1+1Phi)

Phin Phi0 Phi1 Phi2 Phi3 Phi4
Phi-2 Phi0 / (1+1Phi) Phi1 / (1+2Phi) Phi2 / (2+3Phi) Phi3 / (3+5Phi) Phi4 / (5+8Phi)
Phi-1 Phi0 / (0+1Phi) Phi1 / (1+1Phi) Phi2 / (1+2Phi) Phi3 / (2+3Phi) Phi4 / (3+5Phi)
Phi0 Phi0 Phi1 / (0+1Phi) Phi2 / (1+1Phi) Phi3 / (1+2Phi) Phi4 / (2+3Phi)
Phi1 Phi0(0+1Phi) Phi1 Phi2 / (0+1Phi) Phi3 / (1+1Phi) Phi4 / (1+2Phi)
Phi2 Phi0(1+1Phi) Phi1(0+1Phi) Phi2 Phi3 / (0+1Phi) Phi4 / (1+1Phi)
Phi3 Phi0(1+2Phi) Phi1(1+1Phi) Phi2(0+1Phi) Phi3 Phi4 / (0+1Phi)
Phi4 Phi0(2+3Phi) Phi1(1+2Phi) Phi2(1+1Phi) Phi3(0+1Phi) Phi4
Phi5 Phi0(3+5Phi) Phi1(2+3Phi) Phi2(1+2Phi) Phi3(1+1Phi) Phi4(0+1Phi)
Phi6 Phi0(5+8Phi) Phi1(3+5Phi) Phi2(2+3Phi) Phi3(1+2Phi) Phi4(1+1Phi)
Phi7 Phi0(8+13Phi) Phi1(5+8Phi) Phi2(3+5Phi) Phi3(2+3Phi) Phi4(1+2Phi)
Phi8 Phi0(13+21Phi) Phi1(8+13Phi) Phi2(5+8Phi) Phi3(3+5Phi) Phi4(2+3Phi)
Phi9 Phi0(21+34Phi) Phi1(13+21Phi) Phi2(8+13Phi) Phi3(5+8Phi) Phi4(3+5Phi)
Phi10 Phi0(34+55Phi) Phi1(21+34Phi) Phi2(13+21Phi) Phi3(8+13Phi) Phi4(5+8Phi)
Phi11 Phi0(55+89Phi) Phi1(34+55Phi) Phi2(21+34Phi) Phi3(13+21Phi) Phi4(8+13Phi)
Phi12 Phi0(89+144Phi) Phi1(55+89Phi) Phi2(34+55Phi) Phi3(21+34Phi) Phi4(13+21Phi)